Heater Treaters

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Heater Treaters

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Traditional Heater Treaters

The traditional hair pin design(pictured below) which measures 48″ x 102″, covers 49.7 square feet of wetted surface and also has multiple 180 degree return bends increasing the chance of erosion which will result in equipment failure.

RDI's Heater Treaters

RDI’s Helical Coil design(pictured to the right) measures 36″ x 102″ and increases the amount of surface area exposed to the wetted area to 91.4 square feet. This increase in wetted surface area results in a close to a 70% decrease in residence times. Due to the increases in efficiencies from using RDI’s improved Helical Coil design, a smaller vessel can be used to obtain the same results. When compared to the traditional hair pin design, RDI’s new design results in less erosion due to the absence of directional changes and medium stopping points.

The RDI Difference

Flanged rear head with water and oil box attached to the inside of head allows for ease of repairs of water and oil box design in the event of failure. The feature allows for faster repair and maintenance decreasing asset down time and cost. The removability of the water boxes also allows for the application of a higher quality interior coating. The VHLP is also removable from the skid for head removal and field maintenance.

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