Red Deer Ironworks Inc. is a trusted provider of products and services for the oil and gas industry. If a client requires a flowback manifold, 1502 plug valve, or 1502 flow iron, we can always be counted on to have the product selection, comprehensive support and services, and quality customer service they need with 8 branches across North America.

High Quality Standard and Custom Products

You can trust RDI to always have a vast and readily available pressure flow-back equipment inventory, whether you require sour or standard service iron. Because we make use of the latest design and engineering technologies, we also have the capability to rapidly produce any of the specialty items our clients may need and made available from our locations throughout the United States and Canada.

At RDI we sell and manufacture our products for the global marketplace.We are proud to be able to offer universal compatibility for 5×7 configuration, giving our clients peace of mind when adding iron to an existing fleet. Our iron is domestically made and meets the highest of industry standards.

Comprehensive Support and Services

At RDI our focus isn’t limited to making sales. We also offer complete support for all of our pressure pumping and flow-back products, as well as recertification, rebuilding, and inspection services carried out by professionally trained iron inspectors. Our services include post-job maintenance programs, full recertification programs, pressure testing, ultrasonic wall thickness testing, magnetic particle inspection, and more.

Customer Service Commitment

Red Deer Ironworks Inc. is proud to have established our name in the new iron and iron recertification world thanks to our dependable products and highly trained inspectors. We have solidified numerous positive customer-supplier relationships with clients all throughout the United States and Canada.

As a supplier of products and services to many different regions, we understand that regional differences in terminology exist for many of the same products. Our experienced and well-trained staff is more than capable of relating to customers from all different regions and of all different experience levels, helping communication carry on smoothly.

Our online database allows clients to control their recertification files, and our staff is committed to going above and beyond by providing flexible service and quick, 24/7 on-call help. We’ll always be able to provide your project with a 1502 plug valve, a 1502 flow iron, a flowback manifold, and much more with branches across North America all the way from Texas to Alberta.

Red Deer Ironworks Inc. is no fly-by-night operation. We are an established company that you can feel good about getting into business with. Our goal is to hit our target dates to ensure that our clients are able to stick to their schedules, and we will gladly respond to afterhour calls so that questions or concerns never have to wait.

If you want to do business with a company that will always take your call, at any time of the day or night, then give it a try and contact Red Deer Ironworks Inc. today.