Red Deer Specialties

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Premier Supply Store For Oil & Gas

Coty Walpole

Area Manager

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Jody Nix

Area Sales Manager

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Heather Tuley

Office Administrator

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Serving Texas and U.S. Oil & Gas Producers

The Barnett Shale, aka Newark, East Gas Field, is one of largest shale gas-producing regions in the United States. Located in North Central Texas and bordering southwestern Oklahoma, more than 200 oil and gas producers operate more than 16,000 wells in 25 counties.

Our certified high-pressure iron and equipment meet or exceed industry standards to protect workers, communities, and the environment.

  • Established in 2019, we are the one-stop-shop supply store for all oilfield divisions
  • Supplier for Red Deer Ironworks high pressure iron and equipment in Texas
  • Bringing new product lines to the RDI USA branches to enhance the services in each area

Red Deer Specialties Products

Plug Valves

  • Hammer Union
    Top Entry, Low Torgue, 1502, 602, 206
  • Flanged
    Ring Type Joint, Raised Face
  • Actuated
    Gear Operated, Pneumatic, Hudraulic Ball Valves & Check Valves

Choke Valves Choke Trim

  • Fixed Adjustable
  • Carbide, Stainless Steel Tipped Stems
  • Carbide Lined Seats
  • Choke Beans
    4/64 – 128/64

Pipe & Fittings

  • Integral
    1502 15K, 1502 10K
  • Welded
    602, 206
  • NPST
    1502 15K
  • Caps, Cushion 90s
    Tees, Flanges Crosses, Swivels

And so much more

PPE equipment, Seals, Snap Rngs, HP & Anti Seize Grease, Hand Tools, Gaskets, B7, CAD Stud Bolts, Guages, HP Fittings, Dump and Butterfly Valves