Engineered for Environmental Safety

We partner with leading net-zero emission companies to mitigate how our products can reduce the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Through collaboration with leading net-zero emission companies, our engineers and qualified representatives work alongside consultants, service providers, and E&P companies to strategically minimize the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry. At RDI, we are committed to designing and manufacturing equipment that results in lower emissions and reduced on-site impact to achieve a greener completion standard.

Remote emergency shutdown valves to minimize the consequences of a catastrophic event by stopping flow upon command from an operator.

Multi-well manifold systems with fewer connection points to significantly reduce leak or spill potential. Seamless flow of multiple wells to reduce iron and oilfield energy consumption.

Containment skids to prevent environmental impact caused by spillage during repairs with drainage ports installed to safely empty unwanted fluids and debris.

Avoid downtime caused by iron erosion by integrating additional choke valves.

Environmental Oilfield Safety Since 2006

We operate on the fundamental principle of promoting environmentally safe North American oil and gas extraction. Our team of oilfield servicing and recertification experts collaborates with our in-house engineering team to inspire innovation and environmental safety. We are committed to producing environmentally-advanced products and flow-control containment systems for operators and suppliers.

Red Deer Ironworks is an active partner in our customer’s Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) programs. At RDI, environmental initiatives begin at the manufacturing stage helping to drive a cleaner, greener low-emission future.

Environmentally-Safe Oil & Gas Production

Discover how RDI’s closed-loop iron containment systems mitigate potential leak points, ensuring zero environmental impact on oilfield sites and the surrounding communities.