RDI Technology & Innovation

Our industry demands advanced technologies and innovative solutions to overcome challenges, increase operational efficiency, and maximize product output.

3D Engineering At Your Fingertips

Our facilities are equipped to design, build, and certify flow-control equipment that works for you. We use UT corrosion mapping and 3D modeling to maximize the efficiencies of closed-looped flow-control containment systems.

Innovative Product Development and Customization

Quality North American Flow-Control Parts That Are Tested To The Highest Industry Standards For Safety

Short Manufacturing & Fabrication Lead Times

Strategically Located in All Major North American Shale & Oil Sand Plays

We are able to design, engineer, build, and certify high to low pressure equipment that works for you using the latest UT mapping & 3D modeling technologies.

Industry Leader in Custom Fabrication

Our goal is simple; to provide quality North American equipment to the flow-control industry while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service. Embracing technological advancements and innovation is essential to remain competitive and sustainable in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Ed Delaronde, President

Leading-Edge Flow-Control Innovation

Need unconventional oilfield equipment fabrication?

Our production lines are highly adaptable and can be swiftly reconfigured to design, engineer, fabricate, and certify iron products tailored to your requirements.