Oil and Gas Flow-Control Parts & Recertification

RDI manufactures, tests, recertifies, and rebuilds flow-control iron and oilfield production equipment to our customer specifications.

Reliable Product Engineering In House

RDI Customization & Fabrication Services

Need a solution? Our engineering team loves to find innovative solutions to hard-to-solve problems.

Recertifications to Customer Specification

Whether you need emergency oilfield or bulk iron inspection & testing at our production facilities, RDI has the bandwidth to handle all of your recertification needs.

Iron Rebuild and Recertification Services

Scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, RDI offers full-spectrum oilfield frac iron rebuilds and recertifications, We are known for rapid response times.

High-Quality, High-Pressure Frac

From manufacturing and fabrication to site rebuilds, RDI tests and certifies flow-control iron to the highest possible safety standards.

Production Tracking & Quality Control

Orders are carefully traced throughout the production process to ensure accuracy and accountability throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Equipment Efficiency & Improvements

We take extra considerations to ensure our products are prepared and packaged with as minimal prep work before use as possible.

Fast Shipping and On-Site Part Storage

RDI guarantees quick turnaround times so you can get what you need faster. We also offer on-site inventory so you don’t have to wait for parts when you need them.

Our flow-control products and rapid recertifications not only minimize production downtime but also prioritize the safety of flow-control operators and other personnel on the site, especially during the initial high-abrasive, high-pressure stage. We are committed to delivering top-quality solutions that prioritize safety and efficiency in all aspects of the oil and gas industry.

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We leverage our expertise and cutting-edge technologies to engineer customized solutions that promote environmental safety and streamline your operations.

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