High-Quality Products, Optimal Performance

Our high-pressure products solutions include fittings, valves, and other critical components that are essential for the safe and efficient operation of your equipment.

As a leading supplier of both standard and tailored flow-control solutions, RDI maintains a strong presence in all major North American shale basins to cater to your requirements.

High-Quality Products In-Stock

RDI’s ability to provide a rapid response to our clients is predicated on the availability of high-quality products. We keep an inventory of standard and sour iron that exceeds our production needs, to ensure we can meet ongoing demand. Be it an emergency flow-control valve, bespoke pipe skids, or wellhead production trees, RDI stocks the required iron, irrespective of its size.

Reduce Environmental Risk

With a focus on compliance with regulations and the protection of our ecosystems, our iron products are produced to the highest possible safety standards. We are committed to preventing environmental contamination and ensuring the health and safety of oilfield workers and surrounding communities.

High Pressure Product Solutions

Need high quality flow-control performance and products?